Explore and Decorate with Cheryl Johnson's Original Specialty Prints. Unique Small Size 

READY TO Decorate Your home in a unique and exciting way. All my work is available in these unique small intimate display prints. Perfect Gifts.


Pay It Forward 

EP2002001Beautiful Framed Print Ready to Display Collection $250.00


Originals Paintings are created by hand then professionally photographed using a high-resolution camera and edited to ensure a quality image. Cheryl's Photographic Prints offer you an easy way to add to your art collection in an affordable way. 

The prints are made with archival ink on Torchon Hahnemühle paper with a watercolor texture that’s ideal for warm-toned colors.
Perfect for a splash of color

Specialty Framed PRINTS

Cheryl Johnson Shares the Perfect Gift for Home Decor for yourself or others.

See all the different options. Wonderful for display on table, desk.

Prints. Affordable. $250.00
Framed Ready to Display or Hang

Size: 8" x 8" inch

Torchon Hahnemühle Paper

Metal Graphite Frame.

Easel Back

Protective Non Glare Acrylic 

Ready To Hang

If you see any Painting in my collection and want a Specialty Framed Print like this simply send me the Title of Painting and I will invoice you individually. 

All Custom Print Orders in this Small collection will be Shipped FREE. cheri@cheryljohnsonartist.com

If you ran across this image of a sunflower painting and would like to commission me to paint one similar or buy a print of this one...just let me know: cheri@cheryljohnsonartist.com


"Oils are a wonderfully expressive medium. I love mixing colors and find the color range challenging and broad, with extremes of light and dark, all happening on the canvas like an unruly child at play, or when honed, the colors react like a finely synchronized orchestra. It takes time and skill to make it all come together compellingly and sophisticatedly.

The studio is an exciting place with multiple works in progress vying for attention. The landscape provides me endless possibilities for finding my voice. Painting offers me a compelling opportunity to create worlds of rich color that shout or whisper quiet but elegant artistic sonnets. Daily I create abstract worlds beckoning me to re-enter.

All images are oils on canvas or wood panels. Commissions and larger sizes are available on request.

For more information regarding these oils, don't hesitate to contact Cheryl.

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View more of Cheryl's oils. If you find the work is Sold, don't hesitate to get in touch with me for Limited Edition Prints.