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Contemporary Modern Abstract Expressionist Artist. Original paintings and limited-edition prints, oil, acrylic, mixed media, abstract, contemporary expressionism, abstract expressionism, landscapes, and Secret Forests Series.


Cheryl Johnson has reached a point in her artistic journey where she possesses complete command of her medium. Her artistic touch is refined, and the depth of meaning she conveys in her work appears effortless yet deceptively simple.  

Change the look and feel of home with powerful art.


Elevate Your Space with Bold Art by Cheryl Johnson

Acclaimed Abstract Expressionist Original Paintings & Limited-Edition Prints 

Unleash the vibrancy of Cheryl Johnson's art in your home.

Cheryl Johnson, a leading contemporary abstract expressionist, offers a stunning collection of original paintings and limited-edition prints 

Experience the dynamic range of her work:

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Art is for Everyone

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cheryl johnson art paintings
cheryl johnson art paintings

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For true individuals.

cheryl johnson art paintings22
cheryl johnson art paintings 2

Cheryl Johnson

Persistent Memory, 2024

Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media on Canvas (Gallery Wrap)

50 × 72 x 2.5 in | 127 x 182.88 × 6.35 cm

Commission by Patrons Bequest Sarah and Jack Wilson for the Cain Center of Arts, Cornelius, NC USA


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st lawrence river painting by cheryl johnson

Cheryl is an artist who thrives on pushing her boundaries.  Experimentation is core to her creative process; she readily builds upon her past works, discards them, and rebuilds anew. This constant evolution allows her to incorporate her surroundings and life experiences into her art, transforming them into pieces worthy of our attention.

Wherever you are on your lifelong journey, I am  here to inspire you.
Explore breathtaking colors as you discover art to make a difference in your interior design decor.

St. Lawrence River Cheryl Johnson explores essence of place

The St. Lawrence River, a ribbon of liquid steel winding through the heart of North America, is a canvas painted by the hand of nature. Its beauty transcends mere description, demanding a dance of words that capture the interplay of light and shadow, color and contrast, echoing the essence of artist Cheryl Johnson's captivating secret forests and abstract works.

cheryl johnson original franz kiln inspired

Do you like Modern Contemporary Art?

In Love with Franz Kline Original on Stone Paper

BUY: Price: $1300 (Includes Shipping) rolled and shipped in Tube. Framing Available.

Add contemporary style to your walls with this original artwork inspired by the style of renowned abstract artist Franz Kline. Printed on stone paper, this painting is both eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, perfect for any modern home.


cheryl johnson colorful contemporary art
Cheryl Johnson


Dynamic ART

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Exploring GRAVITAS

"I invite you to experience an emotional interior space inspired by place and varying states of consciousness from, memory, rapture, and anticipation. 

My work mirrors the human experience itself, reflecting our connection to place and the emotions it evokes".Cheryl Johnson

Cheryl Johnson secret forest best

ART moves your home to Stunning 

with One Art Piece ✨

Cheryl Johnson's work is characterized by the contrast of intimate handling of paint offset by layering of bold brushstrokes combined with a spontaneous process of exploring unbroken fields of poured colour. Her compositions are deeply contemplative musings on colour, shape and texture.

There is a distinct poetry in her arrangements, as Cheryl composes her canvases as harmonious and intriguing arrangements of colour and varying values appear.  

Cheryl Johnson studio Hawaii-kauai

Inspired by Abstract Expressionism your mind often conjure images of Jackson Pollock's dynamic action paintings or Mark Rothko's or Helen Frankenthalers expansive color field canvases. These giants, alongside figures like Willem de Kooning, Joan Mitchell, and Clyfford Still, Franz Kline, spearheaded this revolutionary movement.

However, Abstract Expressionism transcends its initial era, evolving over the past 70 years. It remains as beloved and influential as ever among both artists and collectors.

I proudly call myself an Abstract Expressionist Artist creating ULTIMATE ABSTRACTIONS.

buy abstract secret forest painting Cheryl Johnson


Cheryl Johnson Artist texture

Gravitas was one of the Roman virtues, along with pietas, dignitas and virtus. It may be translated variously as weight, seriousness and dignity, also importance, and it connotes a certain substance or depth of feeling.

One very loud voice in the world of art are those pieces which inspire awe and respect because of their gravitas or seriousness. Cheryl Johnson has managed to depict both gravitas and beauty in her work.

Cheryl Johnson's paintings focus on a concern with varying degrees of abstraction used to convey strong emotional or expressive content and the connections between humans and the natural world. She uses abstract art to represent these connections, like in her painting exploring Secret Forests, where she uses mixed media, acrylic and oil on linen and canvas to create an abstract image.

In contrast, Johnson's figurative paintings break down and rebuild the human body and other objects, helping viewers to see ourselves in new ways.

Creation of art with symbols that convey deeper meaning and values has been part of the human experience for centuries. Just as Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night where the artist used symbols to communicate the relationship between nature. 

Inspired by Nature

photo of trees and nature Cheryl Johnson
Cheryl Johnson secret forest celebration

The artist uses abstraction as a method for interpreting surfaces and place. —

Cheryl Johnson's paintings dissolve bodies and liquefy structures, offering viewers a simultaneous deconstruction and expansion of their understanding of their surroundings.

closeup of Cheryl Johnson painting detail




Buy Direct from the Artist and SAVE. Redefining fine art buying to ensure safe, affordable purchases. You want to collect art, and buying directly from the artist removes the middleman costs and any additional add-on commission fees. 

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$ 4000.00 USD


Johnson Wildman

Cheryl Johnson\ Jim Wildman

30 x 40 x 1.5

Original Painting as shown above. \

We are offering a limited Giclée numbered print of 25, these come with a certificate of authenticity.


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Why Buy Direct from Artist vs Gallery

There are several compelling reasons to consider buying original art directly from the artist:

An online destination for buying artworks and limited-edition prints directly from the artist.

Explore Paintings by one of today's most sought-after contemporary female artist.

Cheryl Johnson is a painter and sculptor based in Charlotte, NC. Her work is inspired by nature, the human form, and the landscape.

"Beyond the painted canvas, it’s been my great joy and pleasure to see my artwork transform so many spaces from commercial and residential interiors to urban exteriors, home decor, housewares, furniture, package design and women’s apparel."

 From painting and sculpture to photography and media art, from figurative to abstract, from small to large format, the high-quality offering is extremely broad. 

___Explore Paintings__

New series Coming, I am planning to embark on a quest for the divine aesthetic, continuously exploring and merging ideas and color. 

"Embracing the Classics" Collection exemplifies this pursuit, where abstract forms retain a powerful link to classical paintings through light, composition, and historical allusions.

Inspired by both Abstract Expressionism and Renaissance art, I embrace a fluid approach, freeing myself from rigid plans to nurture artistic freedom. I delve into the treatment of light and composition used by these seemingly contrasting styles, seeking harmony within them.

Unafraid to take risks, I work on multiple paintings simultaneously, fostering a sense of creative liberation and detachment from individual outcomes. This practice injects energy and spontaneity into my work, leading to surprising results that fuel my passion for art and propel me towards artistic innovation.

Explore my portfolio to discover currently available pieces, or curate your own inspirational gallery to build a personal mood board that reflects your vision.


Express your unique style with abstract art that elevates your home décor.


Offering high-quality printing surfaces and a carefully curated selection of framed prints, albums, and more.


30" x 40 " Red Balloon Framed in Black Frame


Framed Print 

Frame Color (Gold, Black, Silver)

Size 30" x 40"

76.2 cm x 101.6 cm

Inspired by the iconic imagery of the classic film "The Red Balloon", Cheryl Johnson's painting captures the simple magic of childhood.
Vibrant reds and warm yellows evoke a sense of wonder and playfulness.

Cheryl johnson red ballon painting 4




Cheryl Johnson (Cherah Boryl Jaurvaii)

American b. 1947

Open Edition Print

Size: 30×40 

Beautiful Frame: Crisp, CLEAN LINES focus attention on the image, while a subtle CONTOURED EDGE beautifully catches environmental lighting.

Daybreak Morning Inpiration

Daybreak Morning

I was originally inspired by the artist Maxfield Parrish. You will notice I attempted to emulate his idea of foliage at the top of the canvas and his color palette thrilled me. 

Maxfield Parrish’s paintings of beautiful surroundings and delightful characters charmed the public during America’s Golden Age of Illustration. Maxfield Parrish’s artwork has been used for book illustrations, large murals, and magazine covers. 

Just as Parrish embraced the Golden Spiral and Golden Specturm I also employed this method in painting this painting in oil. The outer proportions and internal divisions of Parrish's compositions were carefully calculated in accordance with geometric principles such as root rectangles and the golden ratio. In this Parrish was influenced by Jay Hambidge's theory of Dynamic Symmetry. If you are an aritst I encourage you to learn more about the golden ratio.

Read Blog on Signing

Who is Cheri, Cherinow and Cherah Boryl Jaurvaii...?   In my earlier career I used nicknames, pseudonym and family name to create a wonderful body of work.

 Daybreak Morning is signed with my pseudonym Cherah Boryl Jaurvaii

Print Options: Order rolled print. Or if you prefer a different style or color of frame. Please send me an email: cheri@cheryljohnsonartist.com

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cheryl johnson painting elevate

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Rooster Hawaii cheryl Johnson

Rooster Hawaii cheryl Johnson

daybreak morning art cheryl johson

daybreak morning art cheryl johnson


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In the world of art, where creativity knows no bounds, Cheryl Johnson stands as a luminary figure, whose remarkable body of work transcends conventional artistic boundaries and enchants those who delve into captivating creations. Imagine one of her paintings on your wall.

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Nature demonstrates to us that fine contrast, tough survival, and subtle intricacies are what create beauty. A lot of the time, the beauty of nature lies in things we aren't able to perceive unless we truly try to look, and more importantly, understand. What we are "surprised" to perceive, rather than what we are "supposed" to see, is what defines beauty. With the "My Intwined Beauty" series, I'm exploring the landscape with bold, gestural brushstrokes and abstraction. 

in·twine me - en·tan·gle me

/inˈtaNGɡ(ə)l,enˈtanɡ(ə)l/ to twine with, about, around, or together.

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