Rambling Thoughts

Indecisive moments 

Cheryl Johnson 

FEERLESS is how I want to live.

You become indecisive because you’re afraid of making the wrong choice. You’re approaching it as if the choice you make will be irrevocable, and if you choose wrongly you’ll doom yourself to misery. In most cases, if you feel like you’ve made a mistake you can take steps to change it. This applies in most situations in creating art. You have the ability to make a mark, change its direction, cover it or let it continue or hopefully just let it flow and dance with the river in you. Moving ever onward.

As painters you are obviously insecure or unable to live in the moment. You keep wondering if something better is out there. The problem is that you will never know whether you will like one thing over another until you get into it and then you are only able to decide what you DON'T like. It doesn't make sense to say you like something if you never had it.

Only because our brain or the commander of our body is not strong and stable. It has doubts on its own performance.

My fascination lies in those pivotal moments - the seismic cracks in existence when we tumble from one reality to another. In that infinitesimal blink, something profound transpires. A glimpse, a tremor, a spark ignites the mind, reshapes our gaze, and leaves us irrevocably transformed.

I want to paint echos and their reverberarion or ringing away that often create an this electrifying shift. 

I want people to say: "Her richly-colored explosions dance with delicate tracings, morphing into vibrant washes that seem to churn with unseen forces. Layers of emerald and sapphire, textured and alive, hint at the dynamic metamorphosis simmering beneath the surface, where this captured moment becomes a portal to infinite possibilities.

The allure of the tipping point, that enigmatic space between breaths where worlds collide, fuels my soul. I see it mirrored art where you place a mirror next it the surface in your mind and then you can see - a kaleidoscope of color, strokes whispering and roaring, weaving tapestries of transformation. The dense blues and greens weave and move, heavy with untold stories, they pulsate with the promise of something momentous simmering just beyond the canvas edge, whispering tales of metamorphosis and the echo of that pivotal shift we make in our emotions.