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Commissioning a work of art can be great for both collectors and artists, if it is done right. As a collectorit is your chance to be a part of the creative process and bring to life something that you will connect with forever.

Now available, a selection of original works on linen and canvas,oil and acrylic paintings, gouache, flashe, watercolors, plus incredible works on Stone Paper.  Limited-edition giclée prints, open-edition prints, plus hand embellished artists' original prints, and open-edition giclée prints.


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Are you looking for a large wall mural piece, or an intimate smaller work you can keep the conversation going by displaying Cheryl Johnson's Paintings. 

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30x40x1.2" Oil on Canvas

Cheryl Johnson, an abstract artist whose paintings are bold, expressive, and sure to inspire. 

Whether you're looking for a large-scale statement piece or a more subtle accent, Cheryl Johnson has the perfect abstract painting for you. Browse her collection today and find the perfect piece to enhance your space.

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blue passion cheryl johnson art
Oil Mixed Media on Canvas
35 W x 45 H x 0.1 D in

Express your unique style with abstract art that elevates your home décor.

Art Is An Important Aspect For Interior Design

Large or small, artwork alone or as part of a gallery wall, artwork provides depth and richness to a room and makes it feel more personal. The right pieces can also be used to create focal points in a room, and can create a unique look and feel.


pink serendipity painting cheryl johnson

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cheryl johnson painting on wall in situ

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Celebrate the achievements of a contemporary artist who demonstrates original vision in her practice
spanning time cheryl johnson full painting

Cheryl Johnson's Outstanding Abstract Oil Paintings: Inspired by Nature and Created with Passion  

  • Learning from the style and  brush strokes of
    Joan Mitchell.
  • Chery Johnson is a strong environmental awareness advocate, her canvases are inspired by nature.
  •  Studios: Charlotte, NC, and Hanalei, Kauai, HI.
spanning time cheryljohnson-1
Spanning Time N°2019017 Painting, Oil on CanvasSize: 50 W x 58 H x 0.1 D inShipped rolled in a tube or I will custom frame and it will arrive ready to hang.INQUIRE cheri@cheryljohnsonartist.com

CHERYL JOHNSON Will Create Commission Artwork Just for YOU!

spanning time cheryljohnson-in situ
Spanning Time N°2019017 -in situe

spanning time cheryljohnson-2
Spanning Time N°2019017
Full Canvas

spanning time cheryljohnson-detail
Spanning Time N°2019017 Detail

We are rapidly moving to a world where buying art is much easier online. The constraints on ways you can create a beautiful interior space is limited only by your imagination.  


Ultra high resolution Giclée prints: Offering high-quality printing surfaces and a carefully curated selection of framed prints.
For Limited Edition Prints: My business model is a boutique high-quality model, so I want the best that I can find. For me, this is ProDPI.

I BELIEVE Limited Edition Prints

cheryl johnson pastel admiring wolf kahn

Fine Art Giclée 

The Fine Art Giclée reproduction print are shipped rolled in a rigid tube for safety.

Giclée  inkjet printing technique uses natural pigments which are highly light-resistant. We use a special 260g/m2 matte Fine Art paper for high-quality reproductions.

The work will be printed according to the measures you have requested.

Commission Original Painting.

All my work is available in Prints with or without Frame.

Admiring Wolf Kahn_i PrintOpen Edition Prints Available:Fine Art Paper12 x 8 in (with frame pewter frame)Price: $408.00

To order email me directly: cheri@cheryljohnsonartist.com

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secret forest painting landscape by cheryl johnson


face painted with latex by cheryl johnson


stone paper painting by cheryl johnson


colors merging cheryl johnson paints


admiring wolf kahn cheryl johnson


pastel portrait cheryl johnson


secret forests painting


sea ocean painting


cheryl johnson painting of she the sea


portrait by cheryl johnson


you are a beauty painting cheryl johnson


beautiful face cheryl johnson


landscape painting by cheryl johnson


modern abstract by cheryl johnson


titanic painting by cheryl johnson


cheryl johnson large mural
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Process Abstract Landscapes

Cheryl Johnson's art is deeply influenced by her roots in the Northwest, Canada, and Idaho, where she grew up. Her work primarily consists of abstracts and abstract landscapes characterized by vibrant and sometimes contrasting combinations of colors. These paintings can evoke both harmony and discord, showcasing her versatile approach to abstract art.

Johnson draws inspiration from a diverse range of artists, including Joan Mitchell, Hans Hofmann, and Gregory Amenoff. Additionally, she acknowledges the influence of historical painters like Thomas Gainsborough, Eugène Delacroix, Paul Cézanne, and the Group of Seven, particularly in their treatment of the relationship between figures and their surroundings.

One notable aspect of Cheryl Johnson's technique is her use of a warm color palette, often accompanied by thick layers of oil paint in the foreground of her compositions. These layers can be so substantial that they create a textured, almost sculptural effect, sometimes reaching inches in thickness. This technique allows for a tactile and immersive experience for viewers, as the contrast between the thickly textured foreground and the cooler, more thinly applied background adds depth and dimension to her work. Johnson sees the foreground as a way to connect with the physical world, creating a more tangible and sensory experience for those engaging with her paintings.

Overall, Cheryl Johnson's art reflects her deep connection to her natural surroundings and her unique approach to abstract expressionism, combining influences from various artists and techniques to create visually engaging and emotionally resonant works of art.

Pursue your passions and have more joy every day.

"I aspire to spread joy and inspiration through my art. Each painting invites us to delve into the depths of our hearts, defy societal norms, and embrace a life full of passion." 

I often close my Art Lesson Now video with this phrase: "Pursue your passions and have more joy every day."

Art can have a profound impact on individuals and society. Art uniquely can transcend boundaries, evoke emotions, challenge conventions, and ignite the imagination. 

When artists' ultimate goal is to disseminate joy and inspiration through their work, they contribute something meaningful to the world. 

Art can impact in so many miraculous ways.

In a world often filled with challenges and complexities, art that aims to disseminate joy and inspiration serves as a beacon of hope and a reminder of the beauty and potential within us all. It encourages us to embrace our passions, follow our hearts, and strive for a more meaningful an

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