Beyond the Frame

For many years, I have been observing strangers, friends, families, and pets around me and this has been the impetus for my work. I initially was a video producer and have a passion for photography and fix my eyes on both the visible and invisible, the shapely and shapeless characteristics of a person, place or creature. I represent myself as an alchemist of images and a catalyst for daydreams and desires. The vignettes of impromptu jigsaw puzzle-like photographs of myself and others blur the boundaries between documenting my life and staged photography to record a memory. In the blink of an eye or the click of the shutter, the moment is captured and transfixed forever. I am fascinated by faces and relationships. I am intrigued by exploring the mysterious and inside moments that are true aspects of human life. From 2010 to 2017, I have traveled to and captured faces from diverse cultures and ethnicities, and most importantly, embraced the joy of exuberant participants and spectators in this journey we call life.

I have submitted this work to Light Factory in hopes I am selected to participate in Light Factory's Beyond the Frame. Beyond the Frame, a year-long cooperative lab organized by The Light Factory, aims to foster a creative community of women photographers. Participants will meet approximately once a month and have access to The Light Factory’s darkroom, digital printing lab, and lighting studio.