She the Sea

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Cheryl Johnson's seascapes are infused with waves echoing and resonate of passing time. 

They  are touchstones for thoughts about changing emotions, tides and time, transience, spirituality and mortality. Cheryl's work is about the process of painting. She works predominantly in oils and mixed media, using brushes and palette knives to achieve the subtle surfaces of her abstract paintings. Her work focusses on space and composition. 

Cheryl Johnson also uses the camera as a tool for enquiry into the nature of our existence. Her contemplative and timeless images invite us to probe beneath the surface of things, and reflect on universal constants like time, the seasons, and our own mortality.  Living on an island Cheryl is blessed to be close to the sea. 

"The ocean is the tempestuous one, whipped into waves and pulled by the tides, lapping against the islands of the earth. Beautiful. Powerful. Filled with emotion. I am constantly inspired." 

"Painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do" 

-  Edgar Degas