Secret Forests

Cheryl Johnson draws upon her environment, memories and also her photography for inspiration in creating these beautiful abstract landscapes. 

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Piano Inspiration Series

Secret Forests

Oil on Canvas

24" x 30" x 1.5 " 

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Fall Colors Emerging

Cheryl Johnson

United States


Size: 40 H x 30 W x 1.5 in

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SF-Fall in the Carolinas

Cheryl Johnson

United States


Cheryl Johnson paints chromatically intense oil paintings as she remembers color and light that create lyrical compositions of abstract secret forest landscapes. Her paintings often reflect a painterly technique and a sensitive approach to color, light, and gesture. She creates space and bands of color that tilt and turn that result into biomorphic forms of color.

BIOMORPHIC:, "bio", means life; and "morphic", meaning transformation. In an art sense, it is a focus on the power of natural life and use of organic shapes & line work.

Oil Painting, 24 H x 18 W x 1.5 in


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38 × 28 × 0.3 in

Abstract Expressionist Landscape. Mixed Media, Oil and Acrylic on Terra Skin Stone Paper. Eye catching colors of Summer is composed of vivid hues. This composition reveals layers of palette knife color and heavy brush strokes. Using impasto marks colors intersect in a staccato rhythm. Most importantly TerraSkin paper is made from stone and the harvesting of trees is unnecessary, thereby safeguarding the natural environment’s beauty and biodiversity for all living beings.


SF_Butterfly Footprints


Oil on Canvas

Bright colored oil on canvas. Thick impasto, palette knife. After I completed this work it was outside drying and a butterfly landed on it. thus the name. 


SF_September Song


Oil on Canvas.

This piece is called September Song as it was completed on the last day of September 2016  when the fall air was changing to cooler days. Look at abstract art in the same way that you would listen to a symphony, let the color wash over you. Let your eyes wander over the painting the way the notes of a symphony wash over your soul and emotions. Let your eyes play with the painting, slipping around corners, following the twirls, twists and turns, dipping in and out of the surface. Let your eyes dance around the piece. 


SF_October Opening

Oil on Canvas 24" x 24" x 1.75

When Fall arrives the colors are muted yet vibrant. The feelings of fall surround you with joy. Muted Moments are created as Marc Chagall said: "All colors are the friends of their neighbors and lovers of their opposites. Oil, palette knife and brush.


SF_ Muted Moments (SOLD)

There are times when a painting comes together and fills you with fall feelings. Deeply embedded vivid colors are softened with muted tones and highlighted with multiple monochromatic colors that reveal the tints, tones, and shades of a single hue.

Mixed media, acrylics, oils

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SF_Spring Forward

Mixed Media  on Paper

Size: 17.4 H x 25 W x 0 in

Painting: Acrylic, Latex and Oil on Paper.

When nature signals you that spring is on the way you are inspired to paint with colors and show nature’s tapestry of beauty. Springing forward in time language was created to give us more hours of sunlight to enjoy. I love Spring.

Painted on Stone Paper, a “Tree-Free” product, that does not require water or use of fossil fuel as part of production.

Keywords: pink, blue, spring, turquoise, yellow, landscape


Oil on Canvas- Dyptych


The overall size of the combined piece would be 20" wide and 12" Height. Individual paintings are 10"x12".

When you take a color tone, and you mix it with white or grey, it dulls it down to make the color less bright or in other words it makes it muted or reduces vibrancy.

This painting is created with layers of muted colors. This is a Diptych or two paintings designed to hang together or adjacent. 


"Great art picks up where nature ends." 

Marc Chagall

Rainbow Waterfall

          Date Created: 2017

Title: Light Coming

          Date Created: 2017

Spirit Dancer 

          Date Created: 2017


          Date Created: 2017