Cheryl Johnson Artist


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Artist: Cheryl Johnson


Size: 36"x36"x.5"

Substrate: Canvas

Medium: Oil

Style: Abstract Expressionism

Keywords: Turquoise, orange, pink, teal, blue, white, black, green, yellow, wall decor, interior design,

Abstract expressionism


After mixing, blending, scraping, brushing, and painting for 30+ years, I know who I am and what I can do. I trust the process, and experimentation and perhaps, change is a big part of it, so I like being unscripted and going with the flow of the unplanned. And yet some projects require learned lessons, learned skills, planning and  preparation. The variety of materials I have available to put on my surfaces is so exciting, however in this painting I chose only oil. It has taken many months to dry and the texture is thick and painterly. I enjoy developing a variety of styles, techniques and layers. When it all comes together it is  more than a “Fantasy.” It becomes a real world to explore.

“Make it beautiful and cherish the moment.” Cheryl Johnson