Soulage , De Kooning &Kline

I continue to be inspired by other artists and in particular love the works of Soulage, De Kooning and Franz Kline.

Abstract Expressionist Franz Kline is known for his large black-and-white paintings that treat the medium of oil with a calligraphic freedom, influenced by his acquaintance with Willem de Kooning. Kline viewed his gestural painting not as an expression of his emotions but as a means to create a physical form and presence that could be felt by the viewer, and would inspire.

Franz Kline

Pierre Soulage

Soulages is considered one of the major figures of post-war European abstraction. He used thick stain and oils to create a stain to make gestural abstract paintings. He was influenced by Franz Kline.

Willem de Kooning is one of the most important artists of the 20th century. William de Kooning maintained a commitment to the figurative tradition, developing a signature style that fused vivid color and aggressive paint handling with deconstructed images of the female form—a then-controversial body of works that has become known as his “Women” paintings.