Thoughts today!

Since I was a little girl I’ve anchored in my heart or paired memories with the location and the people who were there, from sisters, Bonnie and Marlene, Auntie Swea or cousin Linda to now my Partner CA. I always subliminally worry about forgetting memories I create with my loved ones, and when I am able to capture some of that I know it will stay with me. One caveat that is, if I can find out what computer, CD or storage box they are in. Now with the digital world we can just click away and sort later. the hardest part is culling out the ones you do not want. Photography gives me a happiness that’s hard to explain, I just love to see the world in different ways and to never take anything for granted. Capturing moments and memories helps remind me of the beauty God gives us everyday. I am thankful for each moment.

Everyday is beautiful out my window.


This was an ipad photograph taken while I was walking in the water at Ke`e Beach |