Happy Birthday Gopi

Here is the book you ordered for your beautiful Grandaughter, GOPI...

I was impressed with her work and think she has talent.

This book is college-level, but if she would just read one page a day, she would learn a lot.

Have her scroll past the introduction and get to lesson 1.

This is my favorite of her works.

Also, below I am adding a free color tip that I sell and am giving it to her for free as my birthday give.

They both are pdfs…so she can save and open them at any time.

to open the pdfs double click on them and they open.

Love and Happy Birthday to Gopi

EBOOK-1-Values The Creative Advantage_Cheryl Johnson_Portrait.pdf
Art Lessons Now Free Color Tips 2023
Art Lessons Now FREE Color Tips No_07052021 PDF.pdf