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Original fine art paintings. Limited edition prints. Oil, acrylic, mixed media, abstract, expressionism, impressionism, landscapes, figurative, and portraits.


The artist's creations are a collection of memories and experiences, both from when the artist is working in the studio and from her everyday life.



Anytime Collage

Cheryl Johnson

United States

Collage, Paper on Paper

Size: 28 W x 38 H x 0.1 D in

Ships in a Tube


Change the look and
feel of YOUR home with powerful ART.


Cheryl Johnson's artistic touch is refined, and the depth of meaning she conveys in her work appears effortless yet deceptively simple.  BUY

Contemporary Abstract Artist


Cheryl Johnson's artistic inspiration begins in the landscapes around her home. Her paintings capture nature's essence through deep greens and blues, transitioning from dark richness to light-filled transparency. Spontaneous brushstrokes create a sense of movement, hinting at the active life beneath the surface. This captivating depth invites viewers on a journey through color, light, and emotion, as if drawn into the painting itself.

Experimentation is core to her creative process; she readily builds upon her past works, discards them, and rebuilds anew. BUY

Passionate Secret Forest N°SF2019008 Oil Painting

Cheryl Johnson

United States

Painting, Oil on Canvas

Size: 40 W x 30 H x 0.5 D in

Ships in a Box

Price $3,410


Cheryl is an artist who thrives on pushing her boundaries. BUY

This constant evolution allows her to incorporate her surroundings and life experiences into her art, transforming them into pieces worthy of our attention. BUY

Passionate Secret Forest N°SF2019008 Oil Painting BUY

"...If you’re decorating an important room, the work needs have gravitas.'"

NEW Works

Sound of Silence

Cheryl Johnson 

30" x  40"x 3"

Oil Mixed Media

On Canvas


Fine Art

Abstract Expressionist


- a visual representation of the beauty and intrigue found in quietude. 

Shipping FREE USA

International Costs for shipping and taxes will be added separately ✨BUY

sound of silence cheryl johnson

Commission a Work


St. Lawrence River

Commission work by Cheryl Johnson

Own a one-of-a-kind art piece tailored to your dreams!

Cheryl Johnson, Artist, creates custom paintings in your preferred colors, style, and size. Imagine a piece that reflects your unique personality and perfectly complements your space

Why commission a painting?

Bring your artistic vision to life. Contact Cheryl Johnson Artist today! 

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