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"Life is so temporary, and we must embrace it fully."

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"Searching for an artist with “a compelling style who is able to execute your dream painting ideas visually in a captivating way?”

Most interior designers prefer to incorporate abstract art when creating a modern space.

There's simply nothing like finding that perfect piece of art to liven up your walls and tell a story that will enchant visitors—and yourself—for years to come.

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Cheryl Johnson stains the canvas with oil and combines dense washes or glazes of oil on her canvas. Using subtle brushwork and complimentary colors in her gestural abstract paintings, she is inspired by nature. 
Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, where the countryside setting around her home informs her fluid work, various shades of blues and green often dominate her style. Cheryl Johnson works spontaneously, noting that the painting process for her is akin to an explorer walking in a forest dazzled by beauty but unsure of what they will find. The artist allows the painting process to guide the final form of her works; her brushstrokes are often dynamic, suggesting an unexpected change. 


Artist: Cheryl Johnson

Size: 39" x 40" on canvas

Medium: Oil

Price: $2250.00

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"Whether your vision spans a single wall or more, I am here to create for you. I specialize in creating tailored art solutions for any space, budget, and project. I am an avid imagineer, learner, creator, and artist and I continue to expand on my knowledge of the ever-evolving world of art, design, and innovation so that I can keep bringing you the latest industry trends. I believe that art has the power to create a lasting impression on us all – it can become an integral part of your identity. It is mine.". 

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Discover the artworks of Cheryl Johnson that complement your home’s unique beauty and story. Whether you prefer clean lines to bold patterns or favor expressionism over minimalist decor, you will find a painting that is right for you. Embrace clean lines and organic shapes, Cheryl's iconic aesthetic is marked by a love for bold colors created with a range of materials. Add a touch of luxury to your space with artworks by Cheryl.

There’s a distinct and powerful emotion when you pair colors – they become emotions to help you enjoy the world.’

Remembering Phyllida Barlow (1944–2023)

"There's a lot about the art world and the way we experience art that's fantastic. But I think there's a lot that's not entirely spoken about or recognized, which is the unseen and the unknown and the creative act as a deeply private experience." Phyllida BarlowI loved her work and her continual drive to pursue her passions.

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Cheryl Johnson: Artist: Contemporary abstract paintings, original art for your home. Add the finishing touch for a modern home decor style.
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Cheryl Johnson Artist Abstract Expressionist Artist Contemporary Painter Charlotte, NC. - Kauai, HI.  Cherinow. Cherah Boryl Jaurvaii. SEE PAINTINGS

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Cheryl Johnson A professional abstract artist, Cheryl Johnson - "Cherinow" paints abstract landscape paintings. Buy art directly from the artist at transparent prices. 

"Cheryl Johnson is an award-winning American artist who has dedicated her career to art making and craft-based design and painting.
Abstract Expressionism, Contemporary, and Impressionism.  Her artwork is modern, with beautiful color layering on surfaces of Linen, Canvas, Water Color Paper, and Wood Panels. 

Her Art reveals a rich and variant source of inspiration from nature, landscape, floral and narrative storytelling. Oil, Acrylic, and Mixed Media Paintings for Sale direct from the artist with no gallery markup. Transparent pricing.


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"Listen to your heart. Follow your inner vision and listen to your own voice, pursue your passion and make art from that place..."

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Deep StrataOil Painting, 36H x 36 W x .5 in
Learn More or Purchase: Layer Layer Bluebird N°2020005Paintings, 38 W x 28 H x 0.1 inMixed Media on Paper

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Wysteria N°20181103Cheryl JohnsonSize: 32 W x 48 H x 0.1 in
Piano Inspiration in OrangePaintings, 30 W x 24 H x 1.5 in
Piano Inspiration PurplePaintings, 30 W x 24 H x 1.5 inOil on Canvas



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