Gentle Falls the Rain



Painting, 40 H x 60 W x 1.5 in

United States


Prints from $100

Substrate: Canvas - Gallery Wrap

Medium: Mixed Media: Oil, Acrylics, Latex, Oil Crayon, Cold Wax

Keywords: Sage, Green, Yellow, Blue, Black, Creme, White


N°SF2019008 Gentle Falls the Rain

Cheryl Johnson Artist

Cheryl Johnson’s abstract paintings embody this artist’s lifelong fascination with the beauty of nature and the mysteries of life. Each work elicits complex layered surfaces exploring a multitude of colors, materials and different types of paint layered in combination as she creates this ephemeral subject matter. SPRING is coming. Rain is falling. Yes. Gently falls the Rain. 

As soft rains come the smell of green is sparkling all around. The ground drinks eagerly. It must be spring. And Spring, herself quietly awakens with the dawn.

The rain falls softly and touches each growing branch. Birds, leaves and thirsty trees drink with joy.

Winter has gone and gentle warmth is in the air. The last drops of winter huddle in the corner of the forest drinking the new spring rain. 

Birds appear circling with their shimmering sound; I am happy it must be spring as Gentle Falls the Rain. 

Johnson’s mark making and layered brushwork pivot gracefully between translucence and rainlike hazy opacity, suggesting a kind of mysterious aura. Forms are barely discernible, just coming into focus. 

Using a visual syntax of dense, translucent layers of paint, the artist explores

This dreamlike scene.  Perhaps portals between seasons.  Her complex surfaces evoke inviting and contemplative energy–drawing viewers into her story.

“Viscous Paint for me is exciting to apply and I strive to transcend the material world—color, ambiguous shapes, subtle lines—all serve as a visual dialogue between what cannot be seen but can be felt.

The eye moves between earth and spirit.”