Dream Weaver

March 4

In like a lion, out like a lamb” has always seemed a straightforward enough proverb: when March starts, it's still winter, and by the end of the month spring has begun. 

I am happy to be exhibiting my work locally in Charlotte. 

Showing in:

Charlotte Art League - March Show

Cheryl Johnson

United States


Size: 36 H x 36 W x 0.5 in

Ships in a cardboard box 


Substrate: Canvas 

Medium: Mixed Media: Oil, Acrylics, Latex, Oil Crayon, Pastel


N°SF2019010 Dream Weaver

Cheryl Johnson Artist - “Cheryl's artistic ability is exceeded only by her energy and her dedication to the world of art.”  —COLLECTOR STATEMENT

Celebrating Women and because March is Women’s History Month, this is a special time for commemorating and encouraging the study, observance, and celebration of the vital role of women in American history and additionally, honoring women artists.  

Cheryl Johnson’s abstract paintings embody this artist’s lifelong fascination with form and figure. The Dream Weaver painting features a collage of words and images overlayed with fluid, translucent paint. In contrast, thick brushstrokes intersect, overlap and interact with one another. Her abstract paintings expand the “rules” of traditional art and step out into layered images that enable her to create a new vision and voice. It is exciting when an artist makes a shift in their style and direction and Dream Weaver does this with a strong, clear impact. 

Her mark making and layered brushwork pivot gracefully between translucence and hazy opacity, creating  a mysterious aura. The female Figurative Form is barely discernible, just coming into focus. Translucent layers of paint evolve. Cheryl explores this dreamlike scene with line and varied mark making using the subtle colors found in pastels.  Her complex surfaces evoke inviting and contemplative energy which draws viewers into her painting.

Dream Weaver carries your eyes into a mysterious world of blue colored light. 

Emotions fly through the starry skies into a world of fantasy and form. 

A special joy of dreaming is recognizing we can do this while asleep or awake. 

“A Dreamweaver is an ethereal state of peace where one can do anything or go anywhere or everywhere in their own dream. We are all Dreamweavers.”

“Viscous paint for me is exciting to apply and I strive to transcend the material world. Color, ambiguous shapes, subtle lines all serve as a visual dialogue between what cannot be seen but can be felt. My work is centered on human energy.....experiencing, feeling, receiving, expressing. The eye moves between earth and spirit.”— CHERYL JOHNSON —CHERI’

Ultramarine Blue, Green, Yellow, Blue, Black, Creme, White, Grey, Female, Woman, Pink, Abstract