2019 Quiet Reflections

The online gallery of contemporary artworks  and photography by abstract painter Cheryl Johnson

In the fall of 2019 Cheryl desired a shift in her life and recently returned from a summer in Kauai to her familiar setting of her NC studio. In this innovation she wants to reaffirm her individuality and release boundaries and explore or transform her work to be freer and have more space and light. For the past decade her work included brighter jewel tones.  In the autumn of 2019 inspired by her daily inspiration and photography of a solitary mountain out her window in Kauai covered by various veils of clouds she started a new series “Quiet Reflections.”  This shift in her work, inspired by prayer, meditation and  by examining her own emotions while seeking a new approach to her daily life of creation headed her on a new inner journey.  Cheryl consciously explored a refined composition, softer warm colors, a new utilization of space and a personal time of self awakening. Johnson will be continuing to explore these concepts. 

Works on Paper (2019)

As a compliment to her paintings, Cheryl Johnson’s works on paper provide the artist with the opportunity to freely explore the textural and conceptual potential of paper as a medium. Her current series of works largely draw inspiration from moments of reflection while in Kauai viewing nature through her lani window. Photographing the mountain almost daily she had an opportunity for meditation and self examination. In this examination of her emotions the focus was upon the interplay between the conscious and unconscious mind. As a medium, paper lends itself well to experimentation, giving the artist the opportunity to explore new ideas for paintings, as well as to create complete works in their own right. Johnson’s works on paper reflect her current desire for simplicity as a signature style that is balanced with expressive gestural energy tempered with thoughtful sensitive line and color. In her current works, Johnson experiments withs shapes and forms that like clouds float and interact, complimented by restrained touches of color. Paper provides Johnson with the opportunity to achieve techniques she could not otherwise accomplish with painting.