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Admiring Francis Bacon


Private Collection of S. Dalzell. - London

I just heard back from an art collector in England that my painting inspired by the artist Francis Bacon: Study of George Dyer arrived safe and sound and is now proudly framed and displayed in a wall grouping.

How wonderful to have my work appreciated and hung in distant places.

Original Sold: Prints still Available


I ordered the catalogue where this piece was featured on the cover from the Scottish Museum You might want it.

Study for Head of George Dyer, 1967

Bacon said that for this work he typically focused on a single subject or format for sustained periods, he did many studies of his friend/lover George Dyer. Dyer became a dominating presence in the artist's work his work is amongst the most acclaimed, expensive and sought-after. This work was acquired by the original owner directly from the Marlborough Gallery only two months after Bacon painted it in 1967. With a pre-sale estimate in excess of £8 million.

Francis Bacon is celebrated as one of the most important British artists of the twentieth century. From the 1940s to his death in 1992 he worked consistently as a painter, ignoring other passing, fashionable trends in art. Throughout his career, the human figure was the dominant subject in his work: his paintings of men and women go far beyond a simple likeness and instead are portraits of complex psychological states. In two essays, the book examines forty of some of his most intense works: his small-format portraits.

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Cheryl Johnson Cheryl Johnson is an American abstract artist whose work has appeared in galleries throughout the US. Her works are held in numerous private collections in the US, Europe, and Canada. She maintains a studio in Kauai, HI and divides her time between there and Charlotte, NC. A highly collectible artist. Cheryl Johnson describes painting as "a way of sharing my internal dialog in an external way. My commitment is to create dynamic yet sensitive, lyrically beautiful, works of art. My work resonates with a passion for color, line and light created to share an expression of overlapping time, memory and reality. 

"My intention is to create work that is truthful and real, that has depth and is compelling from a distance and up close. I have come to believe that gravitas in art relates most specifically to how well the artist can transform an emotional idea into its visual equivalent. ” 


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How exciting and rewarding to have someone find a piece of my work that relates to them. 

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